About Us

About Us

Meet Carol Bright, Owner & CEO of Priority Enterprise, Inc. 

My goal is to make a difference in the lives of others, and become a beacon of inspiration for women who are convinced it’s too late for them to pursue their dreams. The virtues of running a successful business originate from the strong values of my parents: honesty, integrity, kindness, hard work and family. 

What does this mean when you’re considering doing business with us? Our clients immediately become family. We become an extension to our client’s business. Our customers have dreams and goals for their companies, and we’re excited to play a part in achieving them!


The Priority Enterprise Difference

We let our competition talk about pens and bags with a logo. We didn’t create this business to focus primarily on branding promotional products; our goal is to  engage and inspire our clients with innovative ideas and memorable experiences through our promotional marketing services and our employee incentive and rewards program.

We sit at the table with our clients (virtually or in person), like a family gathering, and explore that winning combination of our expertise, products & services, along with their goals and vision. This is our not-so-secret sauce to create long lasting relationships with honesty, integrity and kindness, because we know that what we do today will live on with our legacy.  


Our Target Market

Our target market are companies with a heart. They are companies with a mission of providing service to educate, to heal and to grow. Our target market appreciates a business model that never goes out of style. These are businesses that flourish through relationships, where business is not just business, but with vested partners that pick up the phone and share ideas and services that touch people lives. 


Promotional Products

Whether you are preparing for a public event or private company event, we got you covered. We want to make sure that your company is being represented with the best products that personify your brand. Our attention to details and choosing quality products, makes us stand above the rest. We want to partner with you to give you the purposeful options, unique ideas and excellent customer service that is needed to close the deal.


Brand Marketing

We provide one-stop full-service Brand Marketing support. We offer:

• Over 500,000 unique, relevant and quality products to enhance brand exposure.

• Comprehensive selection of tradeshow event products.

• Commercial printing services for consistent and attention-getting brand marketing.

 • An E-commerce Company Store solution to be filled with inventory of branded products for their employees.


Employee Incentive and Rewards Program

We’ve listened to our clients’ challenges, so we offer various solutions for a comprehensive Employee Rewards program. This program combines our experience, strategies and technology to address Human Resource dilemmas such as:

o Safety Adherence

o High employee turnover

o Low productivity

o Company morale and loyalty

o Decreased recruitment 

Working with Priority Enterprise, clients immediately see that we listen and we care about partnering with them to succeed together. Our clients are always the hero, we are their champions, and their varied business needs are always our priority!


Carol Bright, CEO 

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